About me

Here I am in a cave

Here I am in a cave

I am an author-illustrator and educator with a passion for dogs and direct action! You will find both of these things in my children’s picturebook, The King Who Banned the Dark, which was a Guardian Children’s Book of the Month, a Sunday Times Book to Watch Out For, and shortlisted for several awards (see below).

I am now working on my second picturebook alongside a long-form graphic memoir about climate change, chronic fatigue syndrome and romantic comedies. My comics have appeared in print in the Observer, Vogue and Myriad Edition’s groundbreaking new study of over 250 years of Women Cartoon and Comic Artists in Britain, The Inking Woman.

When I’m not writing, drawing or having a nap I teach courses on comics, graphic novels, drawing and illustration at the Royal Drawing School in London and do civil disobedience with Extinction Rebellion.

I have an MA with Distinction in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin) and a BA in English Literature from Cambridge University. My agent is Ed Wilson at Johnson & Alcock.

To see more of my work in progress and pictures of my dog please follow me on instagram @emilyhaworthbooth

Awards and honours:
– Shortlisted, Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2019
– Shortlisted, Klaus Flugge Award 2019
– Shortlisted, Little Rebels Award for radical children’s fiction 2019
– Shortlisted, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2019
– Shortlisted, Read it again! Picture Book Award 2019
– Shortlisted, Laydeez Do Comics Prize 2018
– UK Winner, Picture This! illustration award 2017
– Shortlisted, The Macmillan Prize for Illustration 2017
– Winner, Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize 2013
– Runner-up, Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize 2008
– Winner, Warner Comedy Box Competition 2007
– Finalist, Nivea Funny Women Awards 2007
– Foyle Young Poet, 1998


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