One-to-one tutorials and mentoring

I am sometimes able to offer one-to-one private tutorials and mentoring on your graphic novel, comics or children’s picturebook project or manuscript. Sessions take place on Zoom and can be booked as a one-off or as an ongoing basis, for example, once a month. They are available for students over the age of 18 only.

Below are some testimonials from recent students:

“Emily’s tutorial was brilliant, she is such a thoughtful, inspiring and considered teacher. Her expertise in graphic novels, story structure and pacing is invaluable. I identified what I wanted help with (pacing and structure) and she tailored her expertise to support these needs, always with a wonderfully calming and encouraging approach (this was accompanied by peppermint tea). She helped me see my book projects as a whole, and to isolate problem areas, so that I was able to gain perspective and rethink parts of the stories. This was incredibly helpful especially at a time when I was too close to the projects and nearing deadlines! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emily’s graphic novel classes or her personal tutorials (they are also fantastic value!)”

“I attended one of the courses Emily teaches at the Royal Drawing School during which time I started my own project. When the course finished I found I needed some feedback and guidance to keep me focused so I sought a one-to-one. Emily is a very generous teacher, encouraging and sensitive, but also incisive. The thoughtful in-depth advice I received was tremendously helpful and has given me the tools and confidence to take my work to the next stage.”

Please contact me at emilyhaworthbooth @ to find out more or book a session.